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Is Spring cleaning needed for your auto and home insurance?

Spring cleaning is typically done for your house and yard, but could your auto and home insurance use some cleaning up.  For a lot of people looking at their insurance policies only happen when they need to make a change.  However, a lot can change in between car purchases or home remodels.  Everyday changes and milestones that you may think do not affect your insurance needs actually can change your need greatly.  

What changes could affect my home and auto?

One change to could affect your auto is your commuting status?  Are you working from home now?  Did you get a new job?  Are you traveling for work?  Have you picked up a side hustle?  All of these are examples of things that will change your insurance needs.

Your home could be affected by a remodel or addition?  Construction cost have risen significantly so that new kitchen may not keep pace with the inflation guard.

Should I look at any other insurances for changes?

Life insurnace is one area that can change needs drastically.  Did you switch jobs?  Do you have a child in college?  Have you recently been engaged?  All of these life changes could lead to a need to talk to a life specialist.

What should I do about all this?

You can reach out to us at 412-344-2800 or via our client center. Not a current client or ours, stop by our quote center and let one of our agents get in touch with you.  Looking for more safety and insurance info?  Check out our social media sites.  Currently we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  We look forward to hearing from you.