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What features are available to round out my home insurance?

By April 20, 2021Insurance

What features are available to me to round out my home insurance?  In other words, what can I look for to eliminate coverage gaps for my insurance.  Home insurance has many endorsements and features today that can help you round out your policy.  For instance, a problem with an underground service line can be a huge expense.  Many companies now offer some coverage for these lines.  In addition, you can purchase an endorsement to cover damage cause by a sewer and/or drain back up.  Have you been shopping from home more than ever?  Are you afraid that your identity could be stolen.  No need to worry, you can add identity theft coverage to your policy to help if you are compromised.  Other features available for your home insurance include items like coverage for matching siding in the event of a claim, coverage for a smart device, even equipment breakdown.

What about my stuff, what can I do on my home insurance?

Is there a special someone in your life?  Have you proposed or are thinking about proposing to them?  However, how would you feel if the engagement ring was lost or misplaced?  Scheduling that engagement ring on a jewelry rider could be a cost effective way to protect that ring.  Similarly, in most case items of value can be scheduled on an inland marine rider.  This can give you a correct value for these items in the event of a claim.  There is typically coverage for things you would never think about like, money, animals or evidence of debt.

I had a big claim on my home insurance, now I can’t stay in my house temporarily.

If this happens to you, make sure you have loss of use coverage.  In other words, this endorsement lets you be paid for being displaced by a claim.  In addition to hotel or rental expenses, this coverage can bridge the gap for things like increased travel and eating meals out.  Therefore you can be made whole for the increased expense of having a large claim on your home insurance.

How do I know what coverages I have or need?

You can always have us help you out.  There are many ways to get a hold of us, whether it is via our client center, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or phone call.  Above all we want to be here for you and your home insurance needs.  Let us help you make sense of your home insurance, and find you the coverage you need at the right price.  Above all, we want to be here when you need us.  Reach out to us and see how we can help you with the features available for your home insurance.