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Do your New Year’s Resolutions include an auto and home insurance review?

Do your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions include looking at your auto and home insurance?  They probably do not, but do they include looking for ways to protect your self and save money?  If so doing a yearly review for your auto and home insurance could help you reach your goals.  A lot can change in a year, and so your auto and home insurance may need to be adjusted to keep up.

What do I need to update on my auto and home insurance?

Lots have changes can affect your insurance.  Did 2022 bring a marriage, a child, a new house, a new car?  In 2022, did you switch jobs or go back to the office or start tele-commuting.  All of these items can change your insurance needs and exposure.  These changes may change your need for more than just your auto and home insurance.  You could have a new need for life insurance as well.  

How should I review my insurance needs?

One way is to reach out to us at 412-344-2800 or reach out via our client center.  One our agents or customer service reps can walk you through the process.  If you want to do a little research first check out some of our other blog post.  You can also do some research on our social media sites, we are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  He hope to year from you and hope that you have a great 2023.