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Did you get engaged for Valentine’s Day, what does that mean for you home insurance?

Did you get engaged this Valentine’s Day, did you contact your home insurance company?  Getting engaged is an exciting time.  There are a lot of things to plan for and you may have forgot to contact your home insurance company.  Why would you need to contact your home insurance company?  We need to make sure that your ring is covered correctly.

How should my engagement ring be covered?

A good idea to cover your engagement ring is to have it scheduled on your policy as part of an inland marine endorsment.  This will allow you to pick a seperate deductible for you ring, even a zero deductible.  By scheduling your ring it can also allow you to pick up some increased perils in some cases.  

Does getting engaged change any of my other insurance needs?

Getting engaged can impact all of your insurance policies.  You could get a multi-car discount on your auto, but you will want to talk to your insurance agent about life insurace.  Being married changes your financial situation.  If you or your spouse where to become deceased would that loss of income drastically impact your life?  Life insurance can help the surviving spouse with current and future bills.

Who should I talk to about my insurance needs?

We would love to talk to you about how being engaged can change all of your insurance needs.  Our office has home, auto, and life insurance agents to help you out.  You can reach us at 412-344-2800 or via the client center on this website.  You can also find us on social media.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  We look forward to helping you sort out your new insurance needs.