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Spring showers can cause water damage and affect your home insurance.

By March 5, 2021Insurance

Spring showers can mean the end of winter, they can also bring water damage that affects your home insurance.  Water damage issues can be tricky for your home insurance.  For instance, surface water is typically excluded from home insurance policy.  Surface water includes water pooling due to excess rain as well as flooding.  Coverage for this type of claim is found only on a flood insurance policy.  Companies do continue to evaluate adding coverage for surface water.  It is possible that a surface water endorsement could be coming to carriers such as Erie Insurance in the near future.

What water damage does my home insurance cover?

Heavy rains can cause water to fill up sewers and drains quickly.  Damage caused by the back of sewers and drains is covered under your home insurance.  This coverage is not in a standard policy, however it can be added by endorsement.  Spring showers can lead to damage as rain seeps through a window or roof.  There could be coverage for this type of claim.  The determining factor would be what caused the rain to enter the house.  If wind blows off shingles and the rain leaks in there is probably coverage.  You can always check with us to see what may be coverage and what may not be covered on your home insurance.

What should I do to make sure I have a good home insurance?

One thing you can do is read your policy.  However, that can be time consuming and confusing.  In addition you can check out the clickable coverage for home insurance on this website.  You can also contact us via our client center.  Finally, you can always contact us by phone at 412-344-2800.  As we look forward to the Spring thaw and warmer weather, remember rain.  We hope that everyone has a good Spring and that Spring Showers do not affect your home insurance, or your home.