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Can my Spring maintenance list save me money on my home insurance, indoor edition?

By April 9, 2021Insurance
Spring maintenance can help your home insurance

Your Spring maintenance list indoors can also save you money on your home insurance by preventing claims.  A couple of the interior items are easy to check off the list.  First, check the windows.  Do they open and shut easily?  Make sure that ice dams did not get in behind the windows and bow them or damage them.  Next, check out the basement and attic.  Are there any water stains or mold?  Do the areas smell musty?  If you find any of these things, close of that area and have someone look at it immediately.  Especially with mold, make sure that a professional cleans and remedies the area.  While you are in the attic and basement, it could be a time to consider upgrades to those areas.  Would new insulation lower your heating bills?  If you water-proofed the basement would that save you from a mess later.  Remember that surface water is not typically covered by home insurance.

What about your systems?

Another way that your Spring maintenance list could save you money on your home insurance is by checking your home systems.  In addition to checking the basement for water, check your furnace and hot water heater.  Do either of these need serviced or replaced?  In addition to being a costly for your home insurance, a ruptured hot water heater can be a huge inconvenience.  Having your furnace and air conditioner checked out and serviced can prevent a fire or damaging power surge.  It can also save you money by being more efficient.  After checking your furnace and air conditioning, it could be time to consider a smart thermostat.  New technology can allow you to change temperatures and monitor issues to your systems via your smart phone.

In conclusion.

The Spring season can be a great time of year to help your home out after winter.  Similarly it can be a great time of year to save your home insurance form being used with some easy checks.  If you want more tips and info on insurance follow us on our social media sites.  We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  You can also always contact us via our client center on our webpage.  Remember that Spring maintenance list could be what is saving you money in the future on your home insurance.