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Deep frying a turkey can ruin your Thanksgiving and homeowners insurance.

Deep frying a turkey can ruin your Thanksgiving dinner and cause a huge homeowners insurance claim.  According to foxnews, deep frying results in five deaths, 60 injuries and more than 15 million in property damage.  Here in PA for the last 7 years we have finished third nationwide for most insurance claims on Thanksgiving day.  

How do deep frying fires happen?

Deep frying accidents can happen a couple of ways.  One way is not having the Turkey completely thawed out.  Excess moisture from the turkey can cause hot oil to erupt.  A second way is having too much oil in the fryer, this can cause the oil to overflow and catch fire on the burner flaime.  Lowering the turkey into the oil too quickly can have the same effect.  All of these things can lead to a deep fried turkey homeowners insurance claim.

Can I do anything to help prevent a fire?

Plan ahead to avoid issues in the first paragraph.  If you are deep frying, keep the fryer away from the house and isolated.  Make sure that your cooking equipment is functioning correctly.  Finally wear protective clothing to keep you safe if a fire occurs.  These steps could help you avoid a deep fried homeowners claim.

What else should I know?

Want more safety tips and insurance info?  You can always call us or visit our client center.  We are also active on social media.  Currently we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  Stop by and check us out.  We hope that everyone has a safe and homeowners insurance free Thanksgiving.